SAT Complete Courses Syllabus:

Session 1: SAT Math Intro and Arithmetic I

This class with cover the key skills necessary for success on SAT math. Students will learn how to take advantage of the scoring system, how to properly pace themselves to relive the time pressure, and how to Avoid Algebra. This class will include a review of fractions, decimals, percents, and math definitions and provide examples that demonstrate how they appear on the SAT.

Session 2: Critical Reading Intro, Vocabulary, and Reading for SAT Success

This class will introduce SAT reading passages, explore how they differ from school reading, and provide strategies for answer questions effectively and efficiently. Students will learn how much of the passage to read to get questions correct and how to avoid  the most common trap answers.

Session 3: Geometry I

The first of two lessons on geometry will review the key geometric formulas, rules, and skills that will allow students to ace these questions that make up 15 to 20% of the math questions on the SAT.

Session 4: Long Reading Questions

This session will teach students our Action Plan for Long Passage-Based reading. This approach will enable students to maximize your accuracy answering questions and minimize time spent per question. Our powerful strategies will help students understand the types of traps that students typically fall for.

Session 5: Algebra

The algebra lesson will reacquaint students with the key rules for working with equations, inequalities, exponents, roots, and functions. The powerful techniques introduced will enable students to predict and avoid common mistakes and testing traps.

Session 6: Sentence Completions and Grammar

This session will teach our powerful 5 step Action Plan for Sentence completion mastery. Students will learn how to effectively find the clues given in sentences, how to understand the meaning of the blank, and how to select a great answer even when they don’t know all the words in the choices. Our first grammar lesson will provide the knowledge students need for the Writing Skills portion of the SAT and be the starting point for further lessons in writing.

Session 7: Arithmetic II

This lesson will provide techniques for addressing ratios, proportions, averages, sequences and other word problems. Techniques such as Step-by-Step, RTFQ, and Write it Out will help students master tricky questions.

Session 8: Short Passage Questions, Dual Passages, and Improving Sentences

This session will continue the themes from the Long Passage-Based reading and teach students how to apply those same skills to Short Passage Questions and Dual Passages Questions. Students will also learn how to apply the Grammar knowledge learned to tackle Improving Sentence questions. Students will learn which grammar rules are most commonly tested, how they are tested, and how to effectively answer questions that involve those rules.

Session 9: Geometry II

This lesson will reinforce the techniques learned in the first Geometry lesson and build on those skills. Topics of focus will include coordinate geometry, shaded regions, and graphing functions as well as estimating with figures, finding hidden shapes, and making up numbers to solve geometry problems.

Session 10: Error Identification and the Essay

This session will demonstrate how to master the SAT Essay and Error Identification questions. Using the grammar rules and skills we’ve previously taught, students will apply them to new question types using our highly effective EID Action Plan. We will also analyze the SAT Essay and help students develop their personal writing styles so that they produce the best possible SAT Essay scores.

Session 11: Statistics and Miscellaneous

This session will cover the topics that appear less frequently on the tests, enabling students to push their score over the final hurdle. Concepts such as probability, combinations, median, and mode will be introduced and strategies for mastering them will be provided.

Session 12: Improving Paragraphs and Final Review

Our final session will review the final Writing Skills question type and then provide comprehensive review of SAT strategy and personal test-taking approaches. We’ll ensure that students leave the classroom ready and excited for the big test.

Session 13: Introduction & Critical Reading Strategy Intro & Reading Strategy
Session 14: Math Strategies Math Strategies

Session 15: Grammar Rules Grammar
Session 16: Reading Comp Strategy Review & Practice Reading

Session 17: Arithmetic Topics Arithmetic
Session 18: Algebra Topics Algebra

Session 19: Grammar Strategy & Practice Grammar
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