General Information
Approximately 3.75 hours Approximately 3 hours (3.5 including the optional Writing section)
(Always 1st on exam)
25 minutes
(Optional, always last on exam)
30 minutes
Mathematics – 3 sections
2 x 25 minute sections
1 x 20 minute section
Mathematics – 1 section
60 minutes
Critical Reading – 3 sections
2 x 25 minute sections
1 x 20 minute section
Reading – 1 section
35 minutes
Writing – 2 sections
1 x 25 minute section
1 x 10 minute section
English – 1 section
45 minutes
Science – 1 section
35 minutes
Full Experimental Section
Full Experimental Section
Total Scaled Score: 600–2400
(Section scores: 200–800)
Total Scaled Score: 1–36
(English, reading, math, and science scores: 1-36)
Essay: 0–12
(Sum of two scores)
Writing: 0–12
(Sum of two scores)
Percentiles Percentiles
44 multiple choice questions
10 student-produced response questions
70 minutes: 1.3 min/question)
60 multiple choice questions
60 minutes: 1 min/question)
Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra
Algebra (I & II) Algebra (I & II)
Geometry Geometry
Data Analysis Data Analysis
Multiple Choice Multiple Choice
Student-Produced Response Questions
Multiple Choice Multiple Choice
In a certain school the student body has one–fifth seniors. If all the students were at a pep rally and forty percent of the seniors left the pep rally early, what was the percent change in the number of students at the rally?
(A) 8%
(B) 12%
(C) 20%
(D) 40%
(E) 60%
A truck averages 13.5 miles per gallon. If gas costs $2.04 per gallon, which of the following is closest to how much the gas would cost for this truck to travel 5,454 typical miles?
A. $ 88.88
B. $218.16
C. $237.60
D. $816.08
E. $888.80
Student-Produced Response
A tire made 1,500 revolutions while traveling 45,000 inches in a straight line along the ground. What is the radius, in inches, of the tire?
Reading Section
67 multiple choice questions
(70 minutes: 1 min/question)
40 multiple choice questions
(40 minutes: 1 min/question)
Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension
Passage-Based Reading Comprehension Passage-Based Reading Comprehension
Sentence Completion
Passage-Based Questions Passage-Based Questions
1. In line 5, the author refers to an “accomplished virtuoso’s” tone in order to

(A) suggest that Daniel conveys his opinions with authority and style
(B) imply that Daniel has an exaggerated viewpoint about computers
(C) emphasize the false claims made by computer designers
(D) demonstrate the various trends in consumer tastes
(E) indicate that Daniel has little knowledge about computers
1. The passage indicates that peer-to-peer file sharing has had which of the following effects?

F. An increase in the sharing of copyrighted content
G. A decrease in the sharing of noncopyrighted content
H. The increased likelihood that authors will be robbed of their profit
J. The corruption of youth through the promotion of theft
Sentence Completion
Much of this show's content, unfortunately, is -------, with ------- episode often immediately following a sublime one.

(A) enthralling . . a mystical
(B) uneven . . a vapid
(C) unpredictable . . a magnificent
(D) mediocre . . a superior
(E) flippant . . an unintelligible
Writing/English Section
49 multiple choice questions
(35 minutes: .7 min/question)
75 multiple choice questions
(75 minutes: 1 min/question)
Usage & Mechanics Usage & Mechanics
Rhetorical Skills Rhetorical Skills
Improving Sentences Usage/Mechanics Questions
Improving Paragraphs Rhetorical Skills Questions
Identifying Sentence Errors
Improving Sentences Usage/Mechanics Questions
(Choose the underlined portion that best completes the sentence.)

William could not continue to deliver pizza until he owned a car to rely on that was dependable.

(A) car to rely on that was dependable
(B) dependable car that he could rely on
(C) car to rely on
(D) dependable car
(E) car to depend on
Many claimed it wouldn’t go over so big. Readers
would be confused if nonsense words dotted the page,

and the laws of grammar were simply disregarded.

    B. wouldn’t be a huge deal.
    C. wouldn’t go very good.
    D. would never work.
Improving Paragraphs Rhetorical Skills
(9) However, government did not catch up with mainstream American sentiment until 1931. (10) One-hundred and seventeen years after it was written and America fell in love, President herbert Hoover at that time declared Key's poem-set-to-music the official national anthem.

Which of the following revisions would best improve sentence 10?

(A) Delete "at the time"
(B) Insert "of America" at the end of the sentence
(C) Change "it was written" to "he wrote"
(D) Change "America fell in love" to "America's love"
(E) Delete "Key's poem-set-to-music"
Suppose that the writer wanted to add the following sentence to the essay:
    Writer Don Delilo, greatly influenced by
    the works of Nabokov, called Pale Fire
    one of the ten greatest books ever written.
This sentence would most logically fit into:
1. A. Paragraph 1.
    B. Paragraph 3.
    C. the beginning of Paragraph 4.
    D. the end of Paragraph 4.
Identifying Sentence Errors
(Choose the underlined portion, if any, that contains an error.)

The moving poems of Maya Angelou
has inspired countless aspiring poets and
    B       C
touched the lives of millions of people.
No error.
Science Section
40 multiple choice questions
(40 minutes: 1 min/question)
Interpretation, evaluation, and analysis of data
Reasoning and problem solving skills for the natural sciences
Charts & Graphs
Charts & Graphs

Figure 1 shows how the density of a saline solution changes with temperature.

1. According to Figure 1, 400 g of saline solution at 4°C would exactly fill a container having which of the following volumes?

A. 100 cm3
B. 200 cm3
C. 400 cm3
D. 800 cm3
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