It is impossible for us to tell you exactly which package is right for you since each person's situation is unique, however here are some considerations to help you decide: 

  • Do you have several extracurricular activities competing with your time?
  • Will you come in to our office and sit for a few diagnostic exams on the weekends to build stamina and gauge progress? 
  • Will you do the more than the 2 hours of HW we assign each week?
  • Are you in search of an overall improvement of 60-80 points (already greater than the national average of +/- 30-50 points), or are you hoping for a few hundred points of improvement, which is far more difficult to achieve?
  • Are you starting from a total of 1200 (~400 per section) or from a total of 2100 (~700 per section)?
  • Do you have a solid basis in fundamentals, or will you need basic content instruction in addition to the test-specific techniques and strategies?


All of these variables contribute to how much tutoring a student may need. Typically, the 12-hour package is ideal for someone who either is a returning senior who needs a few more sessions as a refresher for a second test, or for the truly outstanding student who just needs a few techniques and strategies to tighten up a few loose ends and become more efficient.

The 24-hour package is where most families start. This package allows us to cover the content of the test as well as deliver our exceptional testing strategies. Many families are sufficiently pleased with their score at that point, but a fair number continue on and add additional hours.

Each family has to decide which combination of factors applies to their situation. Feel free to contact us to discuss your situation with us in greater detail.

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