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  • I just wanted to let you know how I did on my SAT. 1490 AHHHHHH! I got a 770 on reading and 720 on math. Woohoo. Thank you so so so much!

  • I really need to thank you for the class. I got a 2290 on my SATs and went up from a 620 to a 740 on the writing. I got an 8 on the essay, which I couldn't have gotten without you. Also, thanks for sending the comments. Thanks for everything, and have an amazing summer!

  • Ally has successfully instructed my adolescent son to focus. She did this by being well prepared, firm and thorough. He was able to increase his SAT score over 400 points. Followed by more tutoring that helped him pass his Math Assessment exam. He received an acceptance letter to the one and only college he wanted to attend. His self-worth and self-esteem has increased as well. Many thanks...

  • I have to say, I really feel incredibly blessed that we found you! Lia so enjoyed her sessions with you, and regardless of how she does on this particular test, I know you've given her skills and confidence that will last a long time. Jasmynne, thanks for being a patient, kind, and all-around wonderful tutor.

  • My son attended the SAT Prep course at Bell Curves and I have nothing but praise for the company and its staff. The classes were helpful, the practice books were great to use at home and my sons scores went up significantly. In other words, they did what they claimed they would, something that is increasingly rare these days. In addition, the people at Bell Curves are great. Everyone is easy to deal with and always concerned and helpful (extra special praise to Ally Fields). They bend over backwards to help your child if they need extra attention. And one other thing that's really important, they are not money hungry. They work with you in any way they can because they want your child to get the desired result. I was blown away at how great they were when I inquired about my son taking the course a second time to get his scores up even higher. They generously worked with us to make certain we could afford the cost of repeating the course which was a great relief. I will and already have - highly recommended Bell Curves to other parents.

  • Ally provided me with the confidence and strategies I needed to do well on the SAT. She was flexible and never made me feel pressured or anxious about the test. She helped me exceed my goals for the test. I appreciated her support and guidance. Thanks again Ally for all of your help.

  • Bell Curves supplied me with all the necessary tools and tactics to achieve my goals for the SAT. The support, encouragement, and focus to cater to the needs of the students is incredible. I don't think I would've been able to soar as high as I did without Bell Curves!

  • Thank you so much for being flexible, supportive, and insightful. Anise, my daughter, was happy that she reached her goal. Anise and I decided to use Bell Curves after going to an SAT open house where you discussed 10 strategies for getting a better grade. We subsequently signed Anise up for the summer intensive class. During the class Ally noticed that Anise had only made simple mistakes on the Math portions of the SAT and worked with her 1 on 1, which gave Anise time to focus on the Critical Reading and Writing portions. We have been working with Bell Curves since July 2012, and signed up for a 12 hour tutoring package in December 2012. The payments were manageable and worth the expense. Ally and Anise worked perfectly together. Ally often noticed when to end a session and when to push Anise. Bell Curves listens to the parents' wants and needs, picks up on the students strengths and weaknesses, ultimately making both the parent and student confident and successful. We have referred two other students - one for SAT prep, another for Math prep and my son William for ELA prep. Dana and William work well together. I wish I had found and used Bell Curves earlier. Bell Curves tutors are friendly, flexible and knowledgeable.

  • I just wanted to share some good news with you. Imani was accepted to Middlebury, Franklin & Marshall, Tufts (with a Balfour/Chenault scholarship) Williams and Dartmouth. She is deciding between Williams and Dartmouth and is visiting both colleges this week. You have another 2 years before my son Mark joins the SAT prep class. Thank you for your program and tutors. Both of my children have benefited from Bell Curves. Nicole

  • I did great! I got an 1880 on my December SAT! Thank you guys soooooo much for all of your help!

  • I reached my goal in the SAT of with a 1660. Thanks again, you were very helpful with all those Saturday sessions. You were definitely a big part of the success!

  • The prep classes at Bell Curves were extremely helpful. I scored 110 points higher on my Oct. 6 SAT than my May 5 SAT!

  • Hello, in the math section of the SAT, I received a score of 520. In the reading section, I received a score of 500. In the writing part of the SAT, I received the score of 550, leading to a total score of 1575. The course definitely benefitted me tremendously. It helped my scores increase so much. Hopefully I do even better in November. Thank you so much!

  • I was in your fall refresher class back in September. I just wanted to thank you SO much for all of your great help in the class. Although I didn't take advantage of the EXTRA help you offered (email), I'm so grateful for your amazing teaching. I went up 100 points on the SAT I took on October 5th. My main concern was raising my Math score and I achieved that plus more, thanks to you! Thanks again!

  • Jason was the instructor for a Bell Curves course at one of the schools that you came to Ivanna Eudora Kean High on St. Thomas. He helped us learn how to choose which colleges to apply to and the important aspects of our application. I just wanted to say thanks to Jason and Bell Curves for all their help! I really appreciate it. Without them, I don't think it would've been possible for me to go to the University of California, Davis in the fall.  

  • You taught me SAT prep techniques last year, and I just wanted to tell you that I got into Columbia through early decision.  I really couldn't have done without the help from you and every other instructor who's been drilling the stuff in my head.  I actually scored a 700 in the math and and 2050 overall.

  • I'd like to thank you [Jennifer O] for your help.  My SAT score improved from a 1560 (math-500, critical reading-560,writing-500 with a 6 on the essay) to an 1880 (critical reading-660,writing-620,math-600 with a 8 on the essay). I'm really happy with the improvement  Honestly, I didn't expect an almost 100 point improvement in every section. It went really well, and I just want to say thank you again.

  • Bell Curves helped me ace the ACTs and now I will attend my first choice college.

  • Bell Curves not only boosted my SAT scores, but also my confidence, by teaching me better ways to approach the test. The strategies I learned helped me immensely!

  • Guys,      No longer shall the beast that is the SAT preside over my Saturdays. The beast is dead. As you know, I got: Critical Reading - 800, Math - 770, Writing - 800 (MC: 80, Essay: 11) 2370. That's right, College Board. Suck on that! Thanks a lot for everything. I couldn't have done it without you.

  • My scores were a 650 in math, a 650 in critical reading, and a 710 in writing. And my combined score ended up being a 2010, so I ended up achieving my goal to break 2000. I found my tutor to be fun and engaging, at the same time teaching the skills that I needed to know in order to succeed.

  • I just wanted to thank everyone at Bell Curves for putting together the program for the prospective students of West Point free of charge. I am really grateful to have had this opportunity. I felt as thought I really learned something from the program and I would definitely recommend this to kids who are struggling to raise their ACT or SAT scores.

  • When you put them all together, 650+580+570=1810! YEAH! Thank you for putting up with my ridiculous schedule this summer and thanks for the classes and diagnostics and chance to better my grades!

  • My brother Dayo took the SAT exam earlier this month and saw a drastic improvement in his score. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I will let you know his final results once I receive them. I'm definitely going to send customers your way.

  • I really want to thank you and the entire Bell Curves institution for everything you have taught me because it has certainly paid off. Please tell Christina as well as everyone else that I really appreciate everything that they did for me this summer.

  • Thank you so much for your visit today. Your presentation made it evident that our school needs to plan more effectively to incorporate strategies and awareness around the SAT and ACT. The helpful test taking strategies made our students realize they can achieve a higher score simply through familiarity with the test structure and scoring practices.  This workshop helped reduce test anxiety and gave students the information they need to strategically plan and set goals for attending the college of their choice. Your participation with our staff and students helped solidify the college going culture that we are trying to build at our school!

  • The combination of peer pressure and what I felt were terribly low SAT scores made the difficult college admissions process worrisome for me. Luckily, I was introduced to the Bell Curves team and my worries quickly vanished. Comfort quickly replaced anxiety as I learned innovative strategies and techniques. As a result, my score jumped 230 points! Today I can proudly say that I attend George Washington University and would definitely recommend Bell Curves to any student looking to conquer the SAT!

  • Bell Curves taught me how to avoid the kinds of mistakes on the SAT that were keeping me from reaching my full potential. Bell Curves helped me push my score beyond my goal of 2300 points – a plateau I was having trouble reaching on my own. In short, Bell Curves was a GREAT help. I could not have done it without them.

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